A sales inquiry letter is the letter which is written with the purpose of attaining information regarding the sales section of an organisation. It is a wide head which may include letters inquiring about sales status, sales jobs, sales procedures or anything that may of interest to the sender of the letter.

Sample Sales Inquiry Letter:


Mrs. Gina Hadley

Senior Sales Executive

Gemini Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

New York, United States of America.


30th September 2014

Subject: Sales conference related inquiry.

Respected Mrs. Hadley

I, Kirsten Berry, am writing from office of Mr. Liam Court to inquire about the sales campaign strategy conference.

The office wants to get confirmation that the conference has been rescheduled to be held on the 12th of October, 2014 instead of the 3rd October 2014. Then I would like to inquire about the arrangements made for Mr. Court’s stay in the New York City for the duration of the sales conference. It would be suitable if you send me a list of the arrangements made and a detailed itinerary for the said event. In addition to the above stated inquiry we would also like to have a list of all the standings from various branch offices all over the country. It is important that you send all of the details as soon as possible so that suitable travel arrangements could be made for Mr. Court’s travel to the city.

I would like to thank for all of your cooperation and hope that you will respond to the letter within next 24 hrs.

Thanks and regards

Ms. Kirsten Berry

Secretary to President,

Pennsylvania Offices