A property inquiry letter is a broad head which includes all letter types, wherein the sender is making an inquiry about a certain property. The purpose of the letter is to get the respective information about the property from the receiver. The receiver is generally an individual/ entity of authority that will have the information the sender is seeking.

Sample Property Inquiry Letter:


Mr. Liam Carter

5234, Brig Apartments

Bulls Street, North Hems

New Jersey, USA.

24th September 2014

Subject: Property available on lease inquiry.

Dear Mr. Carter

My name is Julian Tar and I am writing this letter to inquire about the landlord tenancy situation at the apartments you own.

We met in April 2014 at the community centre in North Hems, New Jersey. In the conversation you mentioned that you own 3 apartments on Bulls Street and are willing to rent out two of the apartments on lease. I would like to inquire is any of those apartment on the Bulls Street are vacant. One of my close friends has transferred from Chicago to New Jersey and is looking for a place to stay. The apartments as I remember are both 2 BHKs, which is perfect as per his requirements. If any of the apartments are available for occupancy starting 1st October 2014, please inform me.

Please send me all details including the address, location description, furnishing details and the terms under which the apartment may be rented out. Kindly respond to the earliest,

Thanking you

Mr. Julian Tar

543, Graham Apartments, New Jersey-32