A product inquiry letter is the letter that makes any sort of an inquiry about a certain product from the product seller or manufacturer. The letter may be written by a consumer making a query or it may be written by a seller, say a retailer, to the manufacturer making a query. A sample of this letter type is being given below for the convenience of all.

Sample Product Inquiry Letter:


Mr. Garry Beuys

Head, Marketing Support Team

Halls Electronics Pvt Ltd.

Merry Town Avenue,

Brooklyn, New York


25th September 2014

Subject:  Product inquiry letter

Dear Mr. Beuys

I, Jerry Thomas am a retailer of your products and am writing this letter to make an inquiry about the electronic item, model no. – GRS Proxy 234.

We would firstly like to inform you that we have sold multiple units of the tablet in the short duration since its launch and have received a great response. We are writing to you in particular to inquire about the marketing offers that the company is providing to the end consumers of the product. We did receive notification regarding the offers but it seems some of the contracted retailers have different offers than the company notification enlisted for us. The difference in the offer price and the special offers has led our business to suffer and we would like for you to launch an inquiry into the matter.

Please look into the matter and respond to the query to the earliest possible date.

Thanking you

Mr. Jerry Thomas