A new product inquiry letter is the letter written by an individual to a company/ organisation to make a query about a certain new product. Mostly the sender would be a retailer or seller and the receiver of the letter would be the company that manufactures the product. It is also possible that a customer address an authority through such a letter.

Sample New Product Inquiry Letter:

Mr. James Gills

Senior Executive Manager

Marketing Department

Grumpy Manufacturers & Suppliers Pvt. Ltd

Chicago, United States.


2nd October 2014

Subject: Launch date of the new product- inquiry.

Respected Mr. Gills

I am Frieda Grab and I own a retail shop down in Brooklyn, where is sell all consumer and electronic products. The reason with which I write this letter is to inquire about the status of a new product.

In April this year the company announced that it will be launching a new model of food processor. The announcement stated that the product will be launched somewhere in mid- September. It has been multiple days past the date of launch mentioned in the notice and I want to inquire about the launch plans of the new product. Many of the customers at my shop have been enquiring about the product whose ads have already surfaced the market.

It would be really helpful if you could inform me about the date on which the company now plans to launch the product and the date on which the product will be supplied to stores in New York.

With Regards

Mrs. Frieda Grab