An individual who wants to get any information regarding loans from the authority/institution will have to write a loan inquiry letter to the effect. In the letter the individual must make a precise inquire that he or she wants to make. A sample of the loan inquiry letter is being given here for anyone in need.

Sample Loan Inquiry Letter:


Mrs. Jenna Gilbert

Senior Executive

Blade & Crops Banking Institutions

New Jersey, United States of America.


1st October 2014

Subject: An inquiry relating to the loaning procedure of the bank.

Mrs. Jenna Gilbert

I am Kurt Hummel and I am writing this letter to inquire about the loaning procedure that is followed by the respectable Blade & Crops Banks.

The kind of loan that I am looking to take out is an educational loan. My daughter had applied for study in the Massachusetts Information Technology University and has been accepted for undergraduate program. We need to take out the loan to the amount of the tuition fees and living expenditure at the university. I am hoping to get a loan for the whole amount and would thus like to know inquire about the rules and regulations governing the educational loans.  Enclosed with this letter are copies of her transcripts and my financial documents.

Once you have a look at the documents I would also like to know about the possibility of a loan being issued to me. Please consider this request and respond to me with a suitable answer.

Thanks and regards

Mr. Kurt Hummel