Letter of inquiry grant is a letter that is used by some organizations to fund their projects; it is a proposal to finance the desired plan by depicting the mission of the group and the means to attain it. It consists of the need for fund, description of the group, methodology, sources of income, and summary. Here is a sample:

Sample Letter of Inquiry Grant

To: Ms. Herriet Gauss

Family Care Association

#23 Graet Avenue, Oslo

Levada, Holland#12

Dated: May 25, 2015

Dear Ms. Gauss

We are hoping that you are in good condition as you read this letter, we at the Adopt a Child Institution is having a project and we are looking for your kind heartedness to grant us a fund of $ 40,000 for the structure of our new Nursery home. We at our institution want to accommodate more orphans especially the infants as they are helpless and fragile. With the new infrastructure we are expecting to have a better facility, more accommodation of babies and a better shelter for neglected children’s.

Adopt a Child Institution has been always present in taking care of children who was abandoned and rescued from their abusive families for almost a decade now. We are funded by private sectors and individuals with some help from the government. We are experiencing increase of neglected children coming from immigrants and we want to cater all their needs as they grew older. We are soliciting more from private companies here and abroad to support our needs and projects and one of it is creating an additional Nursery Home. With this your help will make a great start for our project as it will benefit many children and babies.

We are looking forward to your help, thank you for reading this inquiry. Please let us know if you are interested in our project.

Best regards,

Adopt a Child Institution Mr. Troy Mont