Job inquiry letter is a letter for jobs that are open to a company or corporation but not announce the said opening, this letter contains the qualifications and skills that the company needs and sees as an asset for the vacant job. Here is a sample:

Sample Job Inquiry Letter

To: Mrs. Nancy Kerr

Nursing Director

Colorado General Hospital

Michigan, USA# 716

From: Ms. Darla Cruz

#140 Cero Street, Wisconsin

Michigan, USA# 716

Dated: May 24, 2015

Re: Job Inquiry for Nurse Manager

Dear Mrs. Kerr,

Good day Ma’am Kerr, I am writing this letter for the available position in the Nursing department as Nurse Manager, we all know Mrs. Grace Hucko had been left her place as Outpatient Nurse Manager for almost a month now but still no one has taken her place. I am applying now as new Outpatient Nurse Manager as I know I have been a staff nurse for almost seven years and finish my Masteral’s last year which makes me a good candidate for the said opening. The said job requires wide array of job skills like equipment management, quality care standards and area floor report. All of these requirements have been hastened to me since I have been the head nurse of the ward area for three years. I am ready to learn more things with regards to becoming a Nurse Manager as we know that learning is a continuous process with more improvements for becoming a great Manager

I would like to have a personal meeting with you Ma’am so we can talk to this matter privately; I am enthusiastic with the available job and wants to be at you department. I am ready to undertake the new chapter in my career as a nurse and to help other nurses achieve their dreams in life.


Ms. Darla Cruz