A general job inquiry letter is the letter written by an individual to an entity or organization making any general inquiry about a certain job. The kind of inquiry can be about any aspect of the job say for example inquiry about working hours, about a certain vacancy or about job description etc.

Sample General Job Inquiry Letter:


Ms. Miranda Harper

Senior Manager, Human Resources Department

Collin & Kyle Enterprises Pvt Ltd

North Bank Towers, Chicago

United States.


29th September 2014

Subject: Job vacancy and profile related inquiry.

Dear Ms. Harper

My name is Kate Somers and this letter is in reference to vacancy inquiry at your respectable organisation. I am a post graduate with a Master’s degree from a reputable institution.

I am currently seeking job in the marketing segment of the companies industry wide. It will be a pleasure to be able to associate myself with an organisation with such stature like yours   Through this letter I would like to inquire about any job vacancies that might be open for recruitment within the coming few days. Enclosed with this letter are the copies of my educational certificated, experience and recommendation letters to help you adjudge my suitability for a profile. Though I am interested in working in the marketing segment, any other job profile that you believe to coincide with my qualifications and skills is a welcome suggestion.

I hope you will keep my inquiry for record and inform me as and when a suitable job vacancy comes up. Hoping to hear from you soon,


Ms. Kate Somers