Whenever either of the parties involved in a credit arrangement writes a letter to the other involved party making any sort of an inquiry about the credit report, the letter is referred to as a credit report inquiry letter. A sample of such a letter is being given below.

Sample Credit Report Inquiry Letter:


Mr. Hilo Kama

Chief Executive Manager

Kama & Pro Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Hara Street, New Vick Square

Pennsylvania, USA.


27th September 2014

Subject: An inquiry regarding the credit report.

Dear Mr. Kama

I am the representative of the Carson Finances & Securities Pvt. Ltd., Pennsylvania branch and this is an inquiry letter. We have received a proposal from your business organisation seeking credit.

This letter is a formality essential to the procedure of issuing credit.  Our credit analysis team has an inquiry regarding the credit soundness of you business given the prior business credit that has been issued to the business by other organisation. To sort this query out and to move on with your particular case, it is imperative that you to submit the credit reports for the past projects on which the company has sought outside credit assistance. The list of projects must include all the past successful projects and the current ongoing projects as well. Please send the reports to your case manager.

It is really important for the entity to ensure the credibility of the business before approving the credit. We hope you will adhere to the request and respond soundly to the earliest possible date.

Thanking you

Mrs. Taylor Gris