Any inquiry posed for the authority that issue credit card by a holder of the card in form of a letter is referred to as a credit card inquiry letter. These types of letter are formal in nature and must mention the query in detail. Below given is a sample letter.

Sample Credit Card Inquiry Letter:


Mr. Ian Hofstadter

Manager, Credit Department

GTB Banks & Financials Ltd.

Chicago, USA.

26th September 2014

Subject: Inquiry regarding credit card limit extension procedure.

Dear Mr. Ian Hofstadter

I am a present holder of the gold credit card issued by the GTB Banks & Financials Ltd. This letter is to inquire about the process to increase the limit on the credit card.

I have been a member of the gold credit card club for the past 7 years and have has banking relations with the organisation for just as long. The card has gone through automatic up gradation from economy to gold in the past years. With up gradation the credit limit has increased from $100 to $ 1000 per month. I would now like to get the credit increased to 2000 dollars per month.  It would be great if you could help me understand the whole procedure that must be followed so that the limit can be increased on the card. I believe the bank has all of my details, but I have enclosed with this document all the relevant documents.

Please send me an answer for my query as early as possible.

Thanks and regards

Mrs. Tara Moran