A business communication inquiry letter is a kind of a formally drafted letter which is written by a person with the aim of making an inquiry regarding business communication between two persons or parties. The letter must state the exact inquiry in clear and detailed words. A sample of a business communication inquiry letter is provided below for your reference.

Sample Business Communication Inquiry Letter:


Robert Parkinson

Head of Advertising

Jones Advertising Company

D-45, first floor, Henry tower, jack lane

Vanilla street-5th avenue

London, United Kingdom

Date: 19th April 2014

Subject: business communication inquiry letter

Dear Mr. Parkinson,

I am Jack Parker, the senior marketing manager at Pablo InternationalCompany and I am writing this letter to you to make an inquiry about your last few emails to us. I guess there has been confusion in business communication and I wish to clear it out upfront.

As discussed in our meeting last week, you were supposed to create an advertising plan and proposal for advertising of our brand and its products.  In response to this discussion, you sent us a detailed plan but later, I received a completely new and different plan on email. I replied back to you asking about which one to consider but there was no response. Kindly look into the matter and let me know which plan to consider so that I can go ahead and review it.

I hope that you will reply soon because our product launch is coming up soon,

Thanking you


Jack Parker