Medical hardship letter is a letter sent to the credit collector or billing officer of a hospital in which the patient or the relatives had already exceeded the limit in the payment of the hospital bill and cannot pay the upcoming bills for the medical management of the patient. They plead to make an arrangement for the payment of the hospital bills and adjust some charges to them, here is a sample:

From:  Mr. Raff Jude

#12 Koala Street, New Jersey

Boston, USA #74

To:  Ms. Marilo Gerh

Credit Manager

St. Mary Research Hospital

Boston, USA #74

Dated: May 24, 2015

Re:  Adjustment in payment of Hospital bills

Dear Mr. Jude ,

I am writing this letter to express my concern regarding the hospital bill of my mother Mrs. Diane Jude which was admitted last May 17, 2015 due to Heart congestion and Pneumonia. Her recent bill was $ 120,000 in total and still increasing, our health insurance cannot all the expense as we did not pay the insurance to cover all of it, instead they will just cover half of it and leave the other half to us. I am the only one looking at my mother as my father died five years ago due to stroke and my brother is still studying at his third year college for Law. I am working as Stock Broker in the Boston stock Exchange with a monthly income of $40,000; I cannot pay all the hospital bills at once as I also attend to my brothers need in school and the expenses at our house. I am asking kindly to please have her bills be paid after her discharge this weekend, so our bills will not anymore increase. I will pay the said bill and will take any step like promissory note and an assurance letter that I will pay the pending bills.

Please be considerate as you know it is not easy to have someone of your family be hospitalized, thank you so much for reading this, I will follow up tomorrow for your response.


Mr. Raff Jude