Immigration hardship letter is a letter sent to the judge holding the case of an immigrant who is now at the verge of deporting back to his/her own country in which that person wants to stay in that specific country to help his/her own family or relative; the reasons may be financial, health, safety or education. Here is a sample:

Sample Immigration Hardship Letter

From:  Mr. Henry Lusa

#102 Derma Street, Idaho

Ontario, Canada #283

To: Judge Frich Grejuro

Court of Immigration Of Canada

Quebec, Canada #902

Dated: May 24, 2015

Re:  Hold for Deportation Order

Dear Mr. Gerujo,

I am writing this letter for my brother Mr. Kenneth Lusa who has been at my care for almost a year now. I am pleading to hold the deportation order that was given to him due to the reason that his green visa is only valid for eight months only. He is at my house and take cares of our mother who is at her 78 years of age and cannot live alone at our home, I am working full time at the Disney Land Theme Park at Quebec as Vice President of it, I cannot look out at my mother who because I work for almost eight to nine hours a day for five days a week. I need someone whom I trusted so much and loves my mother as much as I love her, our mother is the one who help us to be at our place right now in our life, my brother has been a good person with no criminal record, if he is deported back to Philippines he will find difficulty finding a good job like he have now as assistant manager at a McDonald’s Branch at Idaho.  With all this reasons I am begging to your kind heart to help my brother be a citizen of Canada as I love to be with him with my mother. We are processing the necessary papers to make this happen and we need more time to accomplish it.

Please contact me at 9238-8376 or mail me at the address above, I am willing to take any conditions to hold the deportation order of my brother. Thank you for the time and for taking this issue.


Ms. Henry Lusa