Financial hardship letter is a letter made to some mortgage/loan companies, banks, hospitals or any business in which someone has a debt or credit to pay to. It is usually made to make some adjustments so the borrower can easily pay the debt to that firm. Here is a sample:

Sample Financial Hardship Letter

From:  Ms. Perry Winkle

#293 Puma Street, Kobe

Hiroshima, Japan #017

To: Bank of Okinawa

#72 Sushi Avenue, Kiromo

Hagono, Japan# 263

Contact person: Mr. Mario Pumbel

Assistant Bank Manager

Dated: May 23, 2015

Re:  Adjustment of payment for Housing Loan

Dear Mr. Pumbel,

I am Ms. Perry Winkle, I am writing this letter to let you know that my family now is experiencing financial crisis due to the death of my Father unexpectedly. We have a debt to your bank of $400,000 which is to be paid for 20 years, with monthly payment in the bank for $ 2,000 and a check balance of not less than $ 50,000, but we withdraw all of it for the hospital bills when my father was in the hospital for almost a month. We almost paid half of the loan and the half is to be paid continuously. My father is the only sole provider in the family, my mother is only a plain housewife and I am now at my final year of my study in college degree of Civil Engineering. I am asking for your help and mercy to please give us enough time to pay all the expenses in your bank, we short pay for two months already and the insurance company is still not giving us the money for the benefits we must attain after the death of my father, we are not escaping the responsibilities from your bank, give us at least three months with no increase in the loan interest and extend our payment for three years so we can pay the loan with ease.

We are asking this in the grave of my father who supported us in his lifetime, please be considerate and reconsider our request, thank you so much for your consideration and may God bless your bank and your family.


Ms. Perry Winkle