Formal grievance letter written to superiors or to authorities in which a person/client wants to complain/sue someone may it be in different situations like in school, hospitals or workplace. It is implied in legal and administrative content, it can be used in court and in allegation cases. Here is a sample:

Sample Formal Grievance Letter

To: Dr. Froil Lann

Head of Human Resources

Odyssey General Hospital

#2 Apple Street, Del Monte

Vancouver, Canada # 836

Re: Complaint Regarding Thermal Burn

Dear Mr.Lann,

I am Mr. Henry Luxudo, I was admitted into your hospital last May 15, 2015 due to ankle sprain. I was admitted at small private room number 490; I was at my second day of the admission and my nurse sais that he will put a hot compress by using thermal pad with set temperature for about 15 minutes alternate with cold pack for about 15 minutes also, I was asleep when it was given to me about 10 PM, I said to my nurse that just put the pack in my sprain ankle. When I woke up at around 2 AM, I feel something hot in my left leg in which I checked it and saw the thermal pad with it, I removed it and saw my feet mark with the thermal pad and painful, I immediately called the nurse about the incident and asked what happened, he confessed that the thermal pad was left in my ankle for almost half an hour and forget to replace it with cold pack. They immediately informed the doctor and put some ointment in my left ankle. It felt a little better than earlier, I was advised by the doctor that they will monitor it and assured everything is fine. I fell asleep afterwards; at 11 AM I saw some blisters in my left leg as big as a chest nut, I called the nurse and they informed the doctor, they said it was due to the last night event that resulted into this, I was given ointment and observed for the said incident. On the day of my discharge, my ankle sprain was gone but the blisters make it hard for me to walk easily.

I am not mad about the incident; I just want a report about the incident and a corrective action for the incident as to avoid any further repetition. I know that it is not easy to be in medical field, that’s why I consider the situation of the bedside nurse in charge of me. He already apologizes to me and I forgive him; I hope there will be no more incident of this in the future because the hospital must be a place for caring and safety. Thank you for your time for reading this letter Dr. Froil Lann, I hope you will take some action regarding this matter.

Yours truly,

Mr. Henry Luxudo