A social security verification letter is a letter which is sent by the social security administrative office to a person so as to verify his/her social security number as a response to a request for the same. These letters can then be used as alternative to social security numbers by the recipients.

Sample Social Security Verification Letter:


Henry Raymond

N-56, Seville Street, Modern enclave, London

Date: 3rd June 2014

Subject: social security verification letter

Dear Mr. Raymond

I, Jonathan Trott am writing this letter to you on behalf of social security administrative office of London in response to your request for verification of social security number.  You had requested for us to provide you with your social security number as you have lost your card and need the number for official purposes. We had also received a copy of your signed identity proof and application letter for confirming your identity.  Please note down your social security number

Name:  Henry Raymond

Social security number: 3093509RS9

We would like to add that until the time when you get a replacement social security card, you can use this signed letter to confirm your security number as and when needed. In the meanwhile, we would request you to sign up for the replacement card by submitting a FIR of social security card theft with the administrative department.  After doing so, you will get your card within a period of 1 month.

Make sure this letter is kept safe with you along with your identify proof.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Trott

Social security administrative office