Contribution letter is written when the sender wishes to request from the recipient to contribute for some cause or purpose. These letters are written in a formal tone to request for the monetary or any other type of help or contribution. A sample letter for reference is given below.

Sample Contribution Letter:


Leo Franz

Business Head

Dreams Business Organisation



19th June 2014

Subject: Sample contribution letter

Respected Sir,

I am writing on behalf of welfare organisation “Dream Youth” and with this letter, I would like to request you to kindly contribute for our newly started program for the underprivileged and deprived children. Our organisation aims to help the needy children with good education, shelter, healthy food and other necessities.

We are striving to work for such noble causes since 10 years. Through this letter, we would like to request from you to kindly help us with the monetary contributions as we are aiming to build a school for such children. Contributions in the kind of raw food such as biscuits, fruits etc, cloths, books and stationary materials, etc can also be of a great help. We assure you that your contributions and donations to our organisation would be used for the noble cause.

The letter encloses the documents that will detail you about our initiatives, social welfare campaigns and programs. We are relying on big business organisation like yours to advance with our dreams to serve the underprivileged sector or our country. If you wish to speak to us, please feel free to call on 4839493.

Thanking you.


Martin Charles


Dream Youth