A payment reminder letter is a kind of a letter which is used by a person or entity to remind another person or an organization about a pending payment. These letters can be used and framed for several purposes by different companies or entities. A sample of a payment reminder letter is given below.

Sample Payment Reminder Letter:


Jack Daniels

4-5, first floor, Henry tower

Pecking street, London


Date: 10th March 2014

Subject: Airtel Monthly bill payment reminder letter

Dear Mr. Daniels.

I, Peter Mathews on behalf of Airtel Phone carrier am writing this letter to you as a reminder for your pending monthly bill payment.  Your bill dating 1st Feb 2014-1st March 2014 for the mobile phone number 4739895805 registered under the name of Jack Daniels is pending and is beyond its due payment date. This is a polite reminder and we request you to kindly make the payment as soon as possible to avoid temporary disconnection of your number.

We at Airtel make sure that our customers do not have to face the inconvenience of disconnection and hence we make all efforts to try and remind you about pending payments. We have even tried to call you on a few occasions but couldn’t reach you and hence hope that this letter will reach you and will be considered.  To view details of your complete bill for last month, you can log on to Airtel.UK and follow the instructions given on the site.

Hope you will make the payment of 50 pounds at the earliest.

Thanking you

Peter Mathews

Airtel Phone carrier