A medical excuse letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to give a medical reason or excuse for generally being absent from work or from an educational institute. These letters are written to the concerned authorities and must have a formal structure and tone.

Sample Medical Excuse Letter:


The Principal

Martha and Joseph School


Date: 1st June 2014

Subject: medical reason for not attending 2 unit tests

Respected Sir,

I, Jack Peterson am writing this letter to apologize for not being able to attend the previous two unit tests held at school. I am a student of 10th– C class and missed the Mathematics Unit test, held on 29th May 2014 and Social Studies unit test, held on 30th  May 2014.  I wasn’t able to attend these tests because for the last 10 days, I have been suffering from viral fever with extreme cold and cough.

Sir, I have never missed any test or exam before and am a dedicated student with a good track record. But due to medical reasons, I was advised by the doctor to rest as my condition was contagious and my body was extremely weak.  I am enclosing a copy of my medical records and doctor’s certificate to support my medical excuse and would be extremely obliged if I am given another chance to sit for both the tests. If this is not possible, I request you to kindly use my average of other tests for the final score in the marksheet.

Thanking you,


Jack Peterson

Student of 10th– C