A happy anniversary letter is one that is written by one person to another to wish for anniversary of a special occasion such as friendship, first meeting, wedding or any other. The letter must convey the good wishes of the sender and must be written in a happy tone. Provided below is a sample of Happy Anniversary Letter.

Sample Happy Anniversary Letter:

My Love Jenny,

First of all a very happy 10th anniversary to you!!!!

It seems like time really flies, the day we met is still fresh in my mind like a sweet picture. Those lovely days are the days never to be forgotten. I still remember we were just in our teens when we got engaged. We hardly knew what exactly marriage was. Everything was so new to us; we were like a little bud in the garden called world. There was no one to take care of, but we always knew that we are there for each other.

I remember my gift that you gave me on our first wedding anniversary; it was a handmade card with amazing love quotes written. I remember the first valentine day we had celebrated at McDonalds. I still love to sit with you near London Bridge and see river Thames, flowing on its own course.

Today on our 10th anniversary, I have made a card for you, not as good as what you gave me but it depicts our journey of ten years and our togetherness. Hope you will like it.

Wish you a very happy anniversary my dear.

Forever Yours,