A dispute credit report letter is one that is written by a person to the government credit department raising a dispute on errors found on his/her credit report. A sample letter of dispute credit report is provided below for easy understanding.

Sample Dispute Credit Report Letter:


The Credit Complaint Department,

#5, Derby, London, DB55

Date : 20th June 2013

Sub : Dispute of credit report letter

Dear Sir,

I, Adam Smith, am hereby writing this letter to dispute the contents of the credit report number 78798/80990 sent by your department last week. There are many errors present in the credit report which can be very fatal with regard to my reputation.

At the outset the personal tax outstanding in my name has been paid by me about a year ago. Even though there was a delay from my side in paying the tax I did pay it off after the last warning letter obtained from the tax department. I also possess a receipt of the tax payment and a letter issued by the tax department that there are no pending dues in my name.

Apart from this even the credit card outstanding which is appearing in this credit report is wrong as even that has been paid by me. I also possess a letter from the credit card department for the payment and that my name has been removed from the defaulters black list.

I am herewith attaching all the tax payment and credit payment invoice copies along with all communication with the respective departments. I request to thoroughly investigate the matter and correct my credit report at the earliest.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Adam Smith

Credit report number 78798/80990