A school fundraising letter is a formally drafted letter which is written by the authorities of a charitable organisation or entity to invite people to raise funds for the development of a school.  In most cases, these letters are aimed to seek donators for the building of a school for those who cannot afford education on their own.

Sample School Fundraising Letter:


Mark Timothy

Q-45, Gregson Street, Park view road,

New York, USA

Date: 29th June 2014

Subject: inviting you to a fundraising event for building of a school

Dear Mr. Mark

I, John Andrews am writing this letter to you on behalf of the Child Trust charitable organization to invite you to a fundraising event that we are organizing with the aim of collecting funds and donations for the development and building of a charitable school where underprivileged children can study.

You have been a strong supporter of the child trust charitable organization and we are sure that you will continue supporting us in all our endeavors. We have organized a night classic music concert to raise awareness of the condition of under privileged children in our city and have invited about 100 people to the event to help us raise funds. We are planning to build a school in East London where about 500 students will be able to get free education. We urge you to come forward and make as much donation as you can. Hope that you will actively participate in the event.

Looking forward to having you there,

Thanking you

John Andrews