A non profit fundraising letter is a type of a letter which is written by a person or party to urge people to contribute or raise funds for a non profit cause or a noble reason. Such letters must give details of the non profit cause and should be able to reach out to the recipient.

Sample Non Profit Fundraising Letter:


Greg Timothy

Vice President Sales, Jackson Corporation

AQ/6, second floor, Potter building,

Fernandez road, London, United Kingdom

Date: 1st May 2014

Subject: nonprofit fundraising letter

Mr. Timothy

I, Paula Parkinson, the founder of the  ‘Gay Rights’ foundation am writing this letter to you to invite you to join hands with this foundation and enforce gay rights in the state of London.  ‘Gay Rights’ foundation is a non profit group which is aimed to enforce and implement all the constitutional rights for gay people.

Our organization believes that every person has a right to choose his/her partner irrespective of the choice of gender.  Inspite of certain legal norms and rules, gay people are still not accepted by the society and banned from many place. Our cause is aimed to bring the gay out in the open and help them enjoy the rights that they deserve. We urge your organization to make your contribution to this cause so that we can form campaigns and raise this issue at a higher and more public level.

If you wish to contribute funds, you can contact us at 473058035 or write us an email at Gayrights@Gmail.com.

Thanking you,

Paula Parkinson