Mission trip fundraising letter is an appeal letter to people by some charitable organizations and churches that travels to different places and countries that wanted to help or support their mission of their group and to help the poor people in their underprivileged status of life. Here is a sample:

 Sample Mission Trip Fundraising Letter

From: The Lamb of Christ Christian Group

#827 Fringe Street, Ohio

Idaho, USA#938

Dated: May 19, 2015

Re: Donation for our Evangelical Mission

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Goo day! We hope at The Lamb of Christ Group may bless your life with peace and joy as you open this letter, we at our group is living the Christian life and want to share the words of our Creator Lord Christ, not just by doing his words and commandments but by evangelical missions here in our country but also abroad. We are noted to have a good will by helping the misfortunate families and individuals in our place by feeding the hungry people and giving some shelter for homeless people.

For this October we are having an evangelical mission to our distant brothers and sisters in the far Southeast Asia specifically in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia whose people are recently fleeing their countries due to religious conflict by Hindus and Muslims. Most of them are fleeing by boat or escaping to jungles just to escape the deadly clash in their home towns and to find better life opportunities in nearby nations. We had a four point objectives in this mission:

  1. To create a Charitable Hometowns that will cater the families that fled their countries and towns by giving them shelter, food, clothing’s and security to each country.
  2. By giving them medical aids specially medications and medical equipment to help the sick and care for the wounded
  3. By travelling to war torn towns and cities and help the people especially the children who are affected by the conflicts. Adopt neglected old people and orphans to the charitable hometowns
  4. To give them hope and lift their burdened hearts by giving them counseling’s and psychotherapy by medical professionals. And share them the hope that our God had for them, reading them gospels, bible verse and to stretch Christianity to people who do not know God.

We at our Group are kneeling and pleading to your kindest heart to give any monetary funds, canned foods, toiletries, medications, old clothes and shoes, pillows and blankets or any volunteers especially in medical fields as soon as possible that will help the people in distress. We hope that before October we could get at least $ 2,000,000 to make this mission feasible. If you know somebody or someone who could be a great help, please tell this to them, God sees everything and will bless those who are kind hearted and merciful. Please do leave your donation or register as volunteer at 827 Fringe Street, Ohio, to our bank account #93737-83783 (Bank of America).

We only have one life, make it meaningful and worth it, thank you for reading this letter and may God give you a long happy life


Rev. Jeremiah Blinks

The Lamb of Christ Christian Group