A general fundraising letter is a general type of a fundraising letter which is meant to invite someone for a fundraising event.  Such letters must state the cause for fundraising and should be able to grab the attention of the recipient. A sample letter is given below.

Sample General Fundraising Letter:


Ridley Scott

F-56, first floor, Aim Towers, Pablo Street,

London, United Kingdom

Date: 5th May 2014

Subject: inviting you to a fundraising event

Dear Ridley,

I, Fred Williamson am writing this letter to invite you to a fundraising event which my organisation ‘Save the blind’ has organized and is scheduled to take place on 15th May 2014 from 9 am onwards. This event will consist of a music show followed by a speech by the organization’s chairman inviting people to make their contributions for our noble cause.

Save the Blind is a charitable group which works towards the betterment and help of blind children and adults living in and around London. We collect funds for them through our website and through these fundraising events and sponsor education, clothing and homes for them. We have invited over 200 guests to this event which will be held in the National Tory Park. If possible, do spread the message to your friends as they too are most welcome to join us and help us in our cause. The person who donates the maximum amount will get a special mention in our newspaper column.

Looking forward to having you there,

Thanking you

Your friend