A fundraising solicitation letter is a kind of a letter through which a person or an organization asks for funds from a person or entity to be used for a charitable cause of a noble event.  These letters must explain the cause and must be formally drafted.

Sample Fundraising Solicitation Letter:


Sarah Pascal

Chairman, Pascal Group of companies,

A34, 7th floor, Will tower, P Street

London, United Kingdom

Date: 1st July 2014

Subject: requesting you to contribute funds to our cause

Miss Pascal

I, Tim Brooks, the founder of ‘Save the trees’ foundation am writing this letter to you to ask you to support our cause in the best way you can and join us in our fight against tree felling.  Our foundation has managed to reduce the number of trees that are uprooted in London every year and is motivated to continue doing the same.

Your Company has always expressed its interest against the felling of trees and has encouraged green growth in the city.   We appreciate your own personal efforts to reduce tree destruction and encourage you to keep doing the good work. But at the same time, we urge you to come forward and make a contribution that really counts.  Whatever funds you contribute will be used to form campaigns that will ask people to raise their voice against plant and tree destruction in the city.  We have also decided to plant two trees for every one that falls through contributions of donors.

Hoping to hear from you regarding the same,

Thanking you,

Tim Brooks