Fundraising letter for donation a letter sent to people in plea for handing of funds or materials that will help their programs. It is usually direct to the point and pleasing to the eyes of the donor that your mission is for the good of the people and not to themselves, here is a sample:

Sample Fundraising Letter for Donation

From: Green Meadows Church

# 29 St. Peter Street, Hula

Geor, Ireland #628

Dated: May 21, 2015

Re: Donation for the Casualties of Typhoon Katrina

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Good day I am Father Groge Martin of the Green Meadows Church, me and the church have a mission today to help the victims of Typhoon Katrina that hit the Northern coast of Ireland with thousands left homeless, without food, families has been disappeared or killed by storm and left their life in ruins. As an instrument of God and children of him, we had all responsibilities to each other more than ever when there is disaster that they are in great help. We all watched their sufferings and hardships and now I am asking to your goodness to please give a donation today to help our brothers and sisters that are in trouble; you can donate money that will fulfill our mission for them, foods and clothing’s are a great support, also your volunteerism will be a big aid in our mission.

Please donate now at the Church donation box at the front of the entrance door( money, food, cloths) and signup as volunteers and the church office at May 22, 2015 10 AM to 5PM, our help to the victims of the typhoon will depend on the aid you will give, I hope more donations will come to our brothers and sisters, as God says “Blessed are those who gives and help”. I bless you with peace and happiness for your help and time. Thank you.


Father Groge Martin

Green Meadows Church