A fundraising donation letter is a type of a letter which is written in order to spread the message about a noble cause and request the recipient of the letter to make donations to help the sender raise funds for that cause. Such letters must have a formal tone and should be able to explain the cause or initiative clearly.

Sample Fundraising Donation Letter:


Greg Mathews

F-56, second floor, West end tower

Jackson road,

London, United Kingdom

Date: 5th May 2014

Subject: Fundraising donation letter

Dear Mr. Mathews

Darwin Street cleanliness initiative is organizing a City cleaning initiative in London which will be calling out to every youngster, fit and able person to join hands to clean the dirty streets of this international City. London is the number one tourist destination in the world and is a place which must be kept clean at all times.

Darwin Street Cleanliness group is a 50 member organization which is trying its best to invent ways to maintain the road and sidewalk cleanliness. The city cleaning initiative will aim to clean as many roads possible with the help of any person who is willing to help. This event will be held on 17th May 2014 from 8 am onwards till 6 pm in the evening and will start from Charles Street onwards.

We request you to make your donations and help us better our cause further. To do so, you will need to attend the event and register yourself for the funding.

Hope to see you there,

Thanking you

Peter Dawson