Fundraising appeal letter is a letter asking people and organizations to have a donation for supporting their projects and missions; this letter must tell the details of the sender and their purpose for the letter, it must be appealing and swaying the donors to give something for the organization, here is a sample:

Sample Fundraising Appeal Letter

From: Books for Everyone Organization

#12 Einstein Street, Oslo

Port, Norway #826

Dated: May 20, 20XX

Re: Fundraising for Book Donation

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Goo day, we at Books for Everyone Organization, has been a pioneer for giving and donating books to all schools and orphanage to our country but also to countries that still lacking the capability to support their school children. We at our organization want to make all students here in our country to have a book to read, not just for the purpose on how to read but to learn. By simply reading a book, it can open the mind by everyone especially to young students who have more to learn in their life. They are not just learning the facts of life but also developing their imaginations and knowledge; we reached the most farthest and isolated communities in our country to give them books and writing materials for their school, to orphanage so the children’s can learn the basic ABC’s and abroad so as to share our culture and ideas to them.

With this we are asking you to donate $6 dollars for every two books that we are donating, to support their studies and future, the money you will give will make a big impact in their life and create a better people in our community. You can donate your amount at this bank account #12902-3773(Union Bank) or to some donation boxes located at some School supply stores nationwide. You and your donation will make our students prepare for their future, we at our organization thank you with all gratitude for your help.


Mr. Rolce Seuss


Books for Everyone Organization