Fundraiser letter to parents is a letter specifically made for parents of students and children which aims to draw funds from them for the projects of school or by some nonprofit organizations. It is usually done by asking parents help, stating their purpose and where the money goes. Here is a sample:

To: Mr. and Mrs. Deule

#10 Frij Street, Okla

Budapest, Poland # 836

From: Mr. Bean Dere

Principal of School

Gelswuch Elementary School

#29, Deurg Street, Okla

Budapest, Poland # 836

Dated: May 22, 2015

Re: Fundraising Service

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Deule,

I hope that you and your family are in good health as you read this; I am Mr. Bean Dere Principal of Gelswuch Elementary School for almost ten years; I and my staff are having a school activity to fund our construction of the second building as the sports complex of this town. We all know that our economy and government are in both dilemmas that make the public infrastructures and government aid is at halt in which the construction of the second building of our school has been stopped.

All of the staff of the school has come to have a decision to finish the said building by asking help not just to the town’s people but to the parents of our students. This project will not just benefit the pupils but also the future learner of the school. The building will not just be a place for sports but also a place for stage play and artist center. It will help all our students to discover their innate talents and be avert them to be in illegal vice like drugs, alcohol etc. We need the donation of at least € 10 per parents to make the total amount of € 200,000 to complete the construction of the sports complex; we need the donation as early as it can to finish the building quickly so the students can already use it before the next school year start. Your help will build their future and dreams. Thank you for reading this and to your help.

Yours truly,

Mr. Bean Dere