An effective fundraising letter is a type of a letter which is used by a person or party to request another person or party to help the sender raise funds for a charitable cause, event or occasion. These letters must be effective in convincing the recipient about the noble cause:

Sample Effective Fundraising Letter:


John Mathews,

Chairman, Mathews IT Services

345/T, First floor, Hodor corporate tower,

Kell Street, New Jersey


Date: 7th June 2014

Subject:  making a fundraising appeal to you

Respected Mr. Mathews

I, Fred Dawson, the founder of Dawson Charitable trust is writing to you today to inform you about a fundraising ball which we are organizing this month. This fundraising event will be used to raise funds for the recent flood victims in Philippines.

The fundraising ball will be held at Radisson Hotel, New Jersey on 15th June 2014 and will start at 7 pm.  This event is aimed to spread awareness about the difficulties that people are facing in Philippines due to the recent massive floods which left thousands homeless and over 300 dead.  We shall be collecting funds from our guests at the ball and those who are not able to make it to the event can also make their donations by logging onto our website ‘’.

Your financial help can mean a lot to the homeless in Philippines and we hope that you will come forward and make a donation up to your capability. To know more, you can feel free to contact us anytime.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Fred Dawson