Campaign fundraising letter is a letter by a candidate in a politics, political group, or nonprofit organization which is the sole purpose is to collect monetary fund or human resource to fund their campaign and to raise awareness to their mission and purpose to the mass people. Here is a sample:

Sample Campaign Fundraising Letter


Society of Ethical and Freedom for Animals

#394 Henry Street Bush Building, Georgia

Montana, USA#304

Dated: May 21, 2015

Re: Fundraising campaign for USA National Election 2016

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Our society is greeting you with a heartwarming Good Morning and Blessed day for you and to your family. We would like to tell to you our mission and intention for writing this letter, it is to fund our campaign and to have a seat at our National Congress, we at the Society of Ethical and Freedom for Animals wants to have all kinds of animals and their environment to have a voice in the congress an in the whole world, we know today that human population is booming tremendously and uncontrolled, with this we live lavishly and full of freedom at the expense of their species and natural habitat. We are composed of students, graduates, philanthropist, radicals, scientist, naturalist and politician who want to make this world regain its beauty and restore balance to the eco system to all diverse areas in the whole world. This is achieved by

  • Preventing the conversion of lands and forests to land crop, residential area etc.,
  • Banning all exotic and native animals to be captured or to be killed just for consumption or just for extreme sports
  • Creating an institution that is the sole purpose is to take care of all endangered species of animals and it’s like to preserve their genus here on earth
  • Creating laws and constitution not just here in our country but also abroad for protecting all animals despite to its kind or type and treating them ethically and with morality
  • Creating a campaign especially in schools and distant places to make them aware that all species here on earth are created to equal to live here on earth even if they are animals, insects or plants, that they are needed to be nurtured, protected and to be cared.

We at our institution is knocking in to good hearted people to donate at least $3 to $5 now to fund our campaign for the upcoming National election 2016 so we could have a sit at our national congress, all funds that will be collected will be used only for the campaign. Our bank account is #892733-8369( HSBC) or to donation box at 7-11 stores; We hope that we caught your attention for the improvement of our society. Let’s make our life and environment at balance by treating it like we love ourselves, so the future children can see the beauty of this world. We are in deep gratitude for reading this letter and for your donation, thank you and have a good day,

Yours truly,

Mr. Henry Chills

Head of Campaign

Society of Ethical and Freedom for Animals