A loan follow up letter is a letter which is used to follow up a loan request made and sent by a person to a financial institution or bank.  The letter must showcase interest of the sender as far as the loan is concerned and should reiterate on the same in a formal and polite manner. A sample of a loan follow up letter is provided below.

Sample Loan Follow Up Letter:


William Brooks

Loan Officer,

New York Bank

A-56, Second floor, Moor building,

Jackson Avenue, New York


Date: 8th May 2014

Subject: loan follow up letter

Dear Mr. Brooks,

I, Sarah Jones, a customer of this bank am writing this letter to you to enquire about my loan request. I had written a formal letter requesting a car loan and sent it to you on 1st May 2014. I still haven’t received any response from your side and thought of following it up.

I had requested a car loan of $4000 from your bank and was hoping that you would lend it to me soon. I have recently taken up a job a little far away from my house and thus need a vehicle to travel everyday. Moreover, my son has recently turned 18 and is now eligible to drive as well. This help from your side will be a great thing for both of us. Kindly go through the previous letter and enclosed documents and respond back soon to me.

Looking forward to your reply,

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Sarah Jones