A job interview follow up letter is a letter made by an applicant to the company or organization follow up the status of his or her application after the interview. This letter will let the applicant informed whether he or she was able to be accepted by the desired company.

Sample Job Interview Follow Up Letter

Michael Scott


New York Medical Hospital

888 Paramount Heights

New York, 89701

789 0000

May 22, 2015

Dear Mr.Michael Scott,

I made this letter to thank you for the time that we had during the interview. I personally enjoyed the tour of your hospital aside from the opportunity of having interview with you.

Sincerely I am very impressed with the exemplary standards of nursing care practice that makes the New York Medical Hospital as one hospital known to be the greatest where all the doctors and staff members are highly dedicated in giving excellent care service to well and sick people.

After I passed my nursing board exam, having my certifications in all health care related seminars and years of working experience as a licensed registered staff nurse, I am competent and suited to be part of your health care team leading to be the one hospital known for all.

It was a pleasure on my part meeting and knowing about you and your hospital. Any decision that you will made, I will respect it and please feel free to contact me anytime. I will follow up my status of application from time to time.   I’m looking forward to work with you and become a member of your holistically health care team. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Georgina Fin

Registered Staff Nurse

234 High Rise Apartment

New York, 89701

678 8990