Follow Up Sales Letter

By | January 8, 2014


Bill Nighy

Senior Manager – Sales,

Fashion World Garments,

23, King’s Park Square,

East Birmingham,



Date – 3rd December 2013

Subject: Follow up sales letter

Dear Mr. Nighy,

Following our conversation over the telephone on the 29th of November 2013, we have despatched the fall collection of our designers and the collection has already been delivered to your company, ‘Fashion World Garments’. The sales of the latest collection will determine how the people are taking to the changing trends of the fall collection. And as agreed the profits will be shared in the ratio of 50-50. I sincerely hope that our designers have been able to assess the changing taste of the people with this new collection.

Given that our latest endeavour and the association with ‘Fashion World Garments’ proves to be fruitful, ‘Sweet Fashion Garments; is looking forward to a long standing and mutually beneficial association with your company. Should there be any cause of concern regarding the quality of the garments, you can always get back to us and we promise that we will serve you and the customers with prompt service. Though fashion is constantly changing, yet we hope to forge an association that will transcend the changing fashion.

Hope to do similar business with your company and you in the future as well.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia Cole

Manager – Sales,

Sweet Fashion Garments,

456, Circus Avenue,

Lower Worcestershire,