Follow up letter to recruiter is a letter sent to employer to check his/her application for the available job that fits the applicant’s talent or course. It shows the interest of the applicant to the vacant job and let the recruiter or employer seek more attention to the candidate’s profile, here is a sample:

To: Mr. Lourd Vera

Good Shepherd Recruiting Agency

#83 Will Street, Dollman Building, Brook

Kentucky, USA#192

From: Ms. Finch Hert

#92 Dull Street, Gordon

Brooklyn, USA #993

Dated: May 21, 20XX

Re: Follow up Application letter

Dear Mr. Vera,

I wish you good day as you read this letter, I Ms. Finch Hert, I would like to follow up my application to your agency for the available job you advertise as Computer Programmer abroad. I submitted my resume and the needed requirements before our interview; I had my interview last week at your human resource office and passed it. I would just want to confirm my application and how long it will take for me to get the job. I need any confirmation about my inquiry to the job I am applying so I can know the status of my application. I am not bugging you regarding this matter, it is just that I have all the qualifications for the available job, I am physically fit for it, I just don’t want to waste any time waiting for nothing, I jus

If there is any need to accomplish any requirements and if you see my credential interesting, please call me at my contact number at my resume, I thank you for your time and the opportunity you have given to me.


Ms. Princess Maria