Follow up letter for job is a letter for the employer or owner of a business company that an applicant is verifying his application for the vacant position for a company, it concludes the previous interview and application of the applicant as he/she wants to know if the available job would be given to him/her. Here is a sample:

 Sample Follow Up Letter for Job

To: Attorney Jun Sabat

President, Jude’s Law firm

#293 Groot Street, Lincoln

Kansas, USA#192

From: Ms. Princess Maria

#832 Henry Street, St. Peter

Oklahoma, USA# 234

Dated: May 14, 2015

Re: Job opening Follow up

Dear Mr. Sabat,

I thank you Sir for the great opportunity you have given to me at our last interview May 9, 2015, I had elaborated to you all my credentials and job experiences as a good candidate for the vacant position in your exclusive law firm as an Consultant Attorney, I am just want to check if I am still an eligible candidate for the said position. I had my previous experience as a public attorney for about four years, I handled many civil and administrative cases which I am proudly to say that most of it succeeded; I had my masteral degree at Hopkins University which is noted to produce top lawyers and attorney in our country. I want to extend my job experience in your firm and become an exemplary employee; I know I can stand the available position and develop my career as an attorney. I m eager to learn more and hasten my skills, I am easily adjusted to my environment and can cope easily to problematic situation.

Please feel free to call me at my contact number or message me at my email address at my bio data if you see my appealing to you and if you want to see more of my academic background. I hope to hear a message from you, thank you for this opportunity Sir Sabat, I look forward to be at your law firm.


Ms. Princess Maria