Follow up letter after thank you letter is a letter noted for sending an appreciation letter for the opportunity given to the sender, it is usually done in applicants who have just got their interview and following up the job they are applying to; its content is quite interested and seems desperate but in firm with the professional application of an applicant, here is a sample:

Sample Follow Up Letter after Thank You Letter

To: Ms. Tomi Stork

Chairman of the Board

Stork Industies

#10 Malivu Street, Los Angeles

California, USA # 2930

From: Mr. Wurr Machnne

#98 Marvel Street, Massachusetts

Beverly Hills, USA # 023

Dated: May 22, 2015

Re: Follow up letter

Dear Mr. Stork,

Good Morning Sir, I am Mr. Wurr Machnne, I am the applicant who sends you the appreciation letter last week for the interview I had for the vacant job as Mechanical Engineer in your well known and respected Stork Industries, the one and only leading company that makes the innovative and ground breaking gadgets and machines in the world. I am following up my application for the available job as I know I can help in the development and progress in your company. I know that I can create new and advanced machines and can create new tools for infrastructure and industries. I had an outstanding achievements when it comes to academic and projects; I have my curriculum vitae with you as for your perusal and validation. I can work harmoniously with others and have a good leadership with skills when it comes to developing projects. I am imaginative and can improvise things out of something which is needed in all projects to create something new.

If you need to contact me please call me at 20844-9586 or at my email I thank you for all the opportunity you have given to me, I wish more luck and wealth in your company.


Mr. Wurr Machnne