Follow up letter after sending resume is a letter sent to the employer after no response was given to an applicant after few days or weeks. The applicant is petitioning to the employer that he/she needs the job and highlighting his/her abilities and skills that the employer needs. Here is a sample:

Sample Follow Up Letter After Sending Resume

To:  Mr. Pewter Schindt

Head, Road kill towing services

#678 Frib Avenue, Okinawa

Kyoto, Japan #7627

From: Mr. Naruto Uzmak

#23 Henshin Street, Konoha

Kobe, Japan # 456

Re: Application letter

Dear Mr. Schindt,

I am Mr. Naruto Uzmak, I am applying as a tow truck driver at your business, I had passed my resume last week and I want to follow up my application; it’s been eight days, is it right to ask if can I just check if you will accept my submission to you, I really need the job as tow truck driver, you have my resume and you can check my experiences and background. I have been a licensed professional truck driver for six years and a cargo truck driver at the Kyoto sea port for almost three years. I can have a duty as an on-call driver even if its morning or night shifts; I have also an experience in driving construction vehicle like crane and cement mixer. All my police and driving record are all clear of any accidents or damages; you can check it at my record along with the resume I sent to you a week ago.

Please call me at my cell phone number 093884-38373 or sent me an email at my email address I am hoping that I can work in your towing company and be a part of it for a long time. Thank you for your time Sir and God bless!

Yours truly,

Mr. Naruto Uzmak