Follow up letter after phone interview is a letter sent to an employer to follow up the request of an employee to get the desired job after having a conversation in the telephone as the job interview itself. The letter itself must be pleasing to easily get the attention of the employer. Here is a sample:

Sample Follow Up Letter after Phone Interview

To: Mrs. Gerlin Bart

Head of Advertising

Jolly Group Corporation

Milwaukee, USA#209

From: Ms. Diana Forl

#283 Ford Street, Chicago

California, USA# 56

Re: Application Follow up

Dear Mrs. Bart

I would like to thank you Ma’am for the talk we had via phone call for my application for your advertising company, for the available job as a graphic designer. I already passed my resume and bio data as your reference for my credentials and experience, I would like to highlight some of it:

  1. Magna Cum Laude at Asian Computer University
  2. First place winner of Digital arts and Design competition USA 2014
  3. Three years of experience as team leader at Gerards Advertising company

I know to myself that I can create unique and creative graphic design that would fit the theme of the advertisement; I am also a team leader so I can easily get along with my team mate and punctual to all projects given to me, no delays and on time projects. Throughout my career I can say that technology is developing so fast to accommodate the need of the society especially in advertisement; I can say that adaptability and creativity is the needed things to make a good advertisement which is I always incorporate to all my work. If you are interested in my credentials please call me at my contact number 203934-233, thank you Ma’am for your time reading this letter and the opportunity.


Ms. Diana Forl