Follow up letter after meeting is a letter made for the evaluation of a conference or meeting in which the sender wants to accomplish out of it. It emphasizes the issue that has been raised and discussed after a conference and finds a resolution subsequent to it. Here is a sample:

Sample Follow Up Letter after Meeting

To:  Mr. Gorge Cloon

Chairman of the Board

Land Transportation Committee

#23 Walk Street, Virginia

Illinois, USA #654

Dated: May 19, 20XX

Re: Motion of meeting for petition of increase in taxi fare

Dear Mr. Cloon,

Good day Sir, we at the Illinois Taxi Driver Association, would like to appraise the meeting we had last May 11, 2015 regarding the increase at taxi fare from $ 5.00 starting fare to $8.00 and additional $0.30 per meter from $0.20 cab rate per meter, this concern is brought up due our countries increase in inflation rate and continuous swell of oil price in which most of our income go to. We also based this decision primarily to our income per day as it will not suffice our daily expenses especially to our children’s needs. Our association is unified to pursue our request as it will not just benefit our families but it will make our earnings easily adjusted to expenses especially in gasoline. We cannot take anymore the surging prices of everyday expenses.

At our meeting we talked about this topic and we hoped that there will be a great result out of this as we summarized all our reasons and effect of this request not only to us but especially to our passengers as they are the ones who will suffer the most due to this petition. We hoped that before this month of May ends there will be resolution to our appeal that will settle the issue that we encumber. We will follow up to you Sir as long as there will be the final decision to our petition; thank you Mr. Cloon to your consideration and God bless.


Mr. Ben Toth

President, Illinois Taxi Driver Association