Follow up letter after application is a letter asking the application of a candidate to a job to the owner of a company or employer, it is usually tells the achievements of the candidate and his/her previous experiences of job, it also show the gratefulness of the candidate for the opportunity. Here is a sample:

Sample Follow Up Letter after Application

To: Principal Peter Griff

Adamson Grade School and Junior High School

#3 Strawberry Street, Hamburg

Deutch, Hungary # 725

From: Mr. Akira Sendoh

#3 Apple street, Hamburg

Deutch, Hungary # 725

Re: Application letter

Dear Mr. Griff,

I am Mr. Akira Sendoh, I am a teacher major in History, would like to follow up my application at your school Adamson Grade School and Junior High School as a history teacher. I am very fond to teaching students, even though I did not have any experience in teaching, I am eager to learn and develop my skills as a teacher, as hard work and perseverance can overcome everything. You can see my police record and my referral letter from my school that I am good exemplary to students and citizen to our country, you can rely to my loyalty and honesty in every situation. You can also check my curriculum vitae for your reference as I do not only excel in my conduct but also academically. I am a newbie when it comes to my application nevertheless I am enthusiastic to share my knowledge and wisdom to our younger generation to become a good people and a role model to others.

If you need to clarify something or to pass any requirements for my entry, please call me at this number 3904-384, I hope I will hear a message from you soon, thank you for your time and the chance.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Akira Sendoh