A follow up grievance letter is a letter which is written as a follow up of an already written grievance letter.  Such a letter is used to reiterate on the grievance in order to bring it to the notice of the recipient one more time. A sample of a follow up grievance letter is provided below and can be used for reference purpose.

Sample Follow Up Grievance Letter:


Paula Letterman

Senior HR Manager

HR Department

Dawson Construction Company

S-45, Parks Avenue, Greenfield road,

Putney, Birmingham


Date: 4th July 2014

Subject: follow up grievance letter

Respected Ma’am

I, Jessica Adams, the office manager working for this company am writing this letter to you as a follow up to my grievance letter. I had sent across a letter expressing my grievance regarding my current salary and other benefits. I hope that you read the letter and are going to take it into consideration.

Ma’am, as I mentioned before in my grievance letter, I am paid a salary of $6000 per month for my work as an office manager in this company. I have been working on this position for 2 years now but haven’t been given any pay rise, in spite of my good and dedicated performance. I am a single mother of 2 and it is difficult for me to survive and take care of my children on this salary. Kindly take out a few moments to consider my problem. I am sure you will not disappoint me and will come out with a solution.

Thanking you

Jessica Adams