A follow up donation request letter is a letter which is written as a follow up to a previously made donation request by a person to another person or entity. The letter must briefly explain the reason for request and the gist of the request made earlier. A sample of a follow up donation request letter is provided below:

Sample Follow Up Donation Request Letter:


Jack Henderson

Chairman, Henderson Group of companies,

A-56, Westend tower, 5th park street

Upper East Side, London

New York

Date: 30th June 2014

Subject: follow up donation request letter

Respected Sir,

I, Richard Parks, the managing director of Save the Environment trust of New York am writing this letter to you to follow up my donation request. I had sent across a letter to you on 25th June 2014 requesting you to make a donation to our charitable organization. I hope you received the letter and have gone through it.

Your prestigious company has been making many generous contributions to our cause for the last decade. Writing a letter of donation request is just formality but I still would like to keep you informed about our efforts and request your further support. We are planning to start an initiative where people of New York will be urged to grow one tree on their birthdays every year. For this, we need monetary help and support. The other details are present in the previous letter.

Hope to hear from you soon regarding this.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Richard Parks