Follow up cover letter that can be used by an applicant to confirm the request for the job his/her applying. It is personal and polite to please the employer or the owner of the company, its sole purpose is to follow up, here is a sample:

To: (Name of employer or owner of the company)

(Title/position in the company)

(Organization/Company name)

(Address of the company organization)

(City, State, Zip Code)

From: (Name of applicant)

(Address of applicant)

(Your City, State, Zip Code)

(Phone Number and email address)


Re: follow up cover letter

Dear (Mr. /Ms. Last name of employer):

(The first paragraph usually is indicates the appreciation and gratitude of the applicant for the interview and opportunity given to him/her. It tells the experience of the applicant in the previous interview.)

(The second part of the paragraph is telling the employer about your special skills and talents that makes you different from other applicants and makes you the best candidate for the job; this part emphasizes your abilities that are relatable to the available job that can make you an asset for the company. You can state the things you didn’t brought up from the last interview that the employer is looking for an applicant. Tell that you are interested in the vacant job and willing to take some adjustments to improve oneself to impress the employers view of your application.)

(The last part of the paragraph tells the thankfulness of the applicant for the break given to him/her and you are hopeful to hear a message about your application

Yours truly,

(Name of applicant)