A follow up complaint letter is a letter which is written by a person to another in order to follow up a complaint made. These letters can be sent to a variety of institutions and entities such as service providers, manufacturers, schools, government offices, workplaces etc and are used to reiterate on a complaint which has already been made.

Sample Follow Up Complaint Letter:


Jack Dawson

Head Executive,

Vodafone Network,

D-56, timothy road, Jefferson Bridge

Putney, London

Date: 5TH May 2014

Subject: follow up complaint letter

Mr. Dawson,

I, Jessica Simpson am a Vodafone network user for the last 8 years and am writing this letter to you as a follow up to my previous complaint letter. I sent across a written complaint against your billing department on 3rd May 2014 and still haven’t received any reply. I urge you to look into the matter and resolve my problem soon.

The complaint letter that I sent was against huge 3G amount billing that was charged, even when I didn’t used 3G last month. I had visited India for a week in the month of April and had switched my 3G off. But the bill shows a usage of 2GB which has costed me $100. I think there has been a big mistake in calculating the amount and I want you to look into it and correct the problem. I shall not pay this amount as I have not availed any such service.

Kindly respond back soon,

Thanking you

Jessica Simpson