Letter of recommendation for employment are the recommendation letters that are written to refer a person for seeking an employment at a particular place. These letters are framed in such a manner that the sender mentions the expertise and skills of the person who is being referred for the employment. A sample letter is given below.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Employment:


Alex David

HR Manager

Marine Marketing Company



16th May 2014

Subject: Letter of recommendation for employment

Respected Sir,

I am pleased to write this recommendation letter for Mr. Bob Marley. Through this letter, I would like to recommend him for seeking employment at the post of a marketing agent at your esteemed organisation. This is to put to your notice that I have personally known him for the past 5 years and he has been an employee under my guidance.

Mr. Bob has demonstrative abilities to perform and finish his tasks as per the stated deadlines. He is skilled to analyse the latest marketing trends and detail the same to the clients and the customers. With exceptional communicational skills and good convincing powers, he has always worked hard to prove his talents and capabilities. I am confident that Bob’s employment at your company would be a positive addition.

With his sincere attitude and dedication towards the piece of work, I have no hesitations in recommending Bob for the post of a marketing agent. If you wish to speak to me regarding the recommendation, please feel free to contact me on 4939593.

Thanking you.


James Alex

Marketing Head

Sunrise Marketing Company