Employment Termination Letter

By | May 9, 2015

Employment termination Letter is a note sent to an employee by his/her employer conveying that he/she is dismissed in the job and the grounds that caused for the said termination. It is highly confidential and the employee is the sole reader of it, it specify the reasons for firing an employee, the benefit he/she may get and the effectivity of the said letter. Here is a sample:

Guardian Security Group

Private and Confidential

To: Mr. Ramboo Tan

#21 Dread Street, Wales

Lisbon, Portugal,#1290

Dated: April 25, 2015

Re: Termination of Employment

Dear Mr. Tan,

This letter is to inform you that you are dismissed as a security guard at Guardian Security Group.

Here are the grounds that we consider before arriving at this decision:

  1. First is when you are caught sleeping at your duty as night shift on February11, 2015 in which you failed to have a rounds and checked the whole area of Marina Bay, you were given a verbal warning as first offense.
  2. Second is your tardiness in which you always hadone to two tardiness every week continuously since February 2015 which you are given a written warning; you had your chance to explain this tardiness but it doesn’t mean you are free of the said case.
  3. Last is your fight with your coworker last April 22, 2015 in which the both of got injured. That is the last straw.

With these incidents, we cannot tolerate an employee who is incompetent and unprofessionalism in our security group only hire the ones who deserve their jobs. Your hiring date was September 23, 2015; therefore the effectivity of your termination is on May 3, 2015. You will get an amount of $1,000 as your total payment that includes your remuneration up to your last day, please surrender the baton and handcuff that was issued to you when you were hired.


Guardian Security Group