Employment offer letter is a note sent to an employee that offers the job that he/she is entitled to. The letter includes the benefits that will gain once he/she will accept the said job, it also tells some conditions of the said job and also it had a signature line for the employee in which it must be returned to the employer for acknowledgement of the letter. Here is a sample

To: Mr. Al Bedin, R.N.

#12 Hadjj Street, Morco

Istanbul, Turkey, #2823

Dated: April 25, 2015

Re: Job offer for Vacant Phlebotomy Nurse

We received your application letter and bio data and we are glad at Istanbul Medical Center to offer you our vacant job as Phlebotomy nurse at our laboratory department. This offer is conditional depending on your performance evaluation and attitude on your probationary period.

When you start your work, you will receive a payment of $13,000 every two weeks as your regular salary, you are eligible to receive a free medical and dental service to our institution, free meals per duty, holiday rest and hospital benefits. Upon confirming this letter you are expected to follow the hospital rules and regulations upon your start of duty, any breech of the rules or contract may be used against you and for your termination.The rest of the details of conditions and terms of your hiring will be explained at your orientation on May 13, 2015 at exactly 0900H, you are expected to arrive thirty minutes before the said time in formal uniform. If you agree on the conditions stated above kindly fill up  below on the space provided  your printed name over signature and send it to the address stated below.

We are expecting that you will not miss the opportunity working with us, if you have any queries you can call our local number enclosed in this letter.


Ms. Baby Ruth

Head of Human Resource

#24 MuhmadStreeet, Kobal

Istanbul, Turkey, #2823


(Signature over Printed Name of the Applicant)