Employee Warning Letter

By | July 5, 2014

An employee warning letter is written by an employer to the employee to warm him when there has been an incidence of misconduct or unsatisfactory performance. This letter serves as a warning for an employee and is written in a formal tone.

Sample Employee Warning Letter


Nate Weathers

Junior Assistant

Capital Solutions



24th May, 2014

Subject: Employee warning letter

Dear Nate,

I am issuing this letter of warning because of your negligence to fulfil the responsibilities of your job and your dishonesty.

On 15th April 2014, you had requested for a week long leave owing to the ill health of your aunt. You mentioned in your leave request that you were urgently required to visit her and you needed to go out of town for a week. Considering the emergency and the situation, I immediately granted you the leave, but had asked you join back within one week.  Not only did you take the liberty to skip office for another 4 days, you did not even informed me about the same.

You were well aware that every month, the last week which coincided with your return is extremely crucial as our team invariably expects high volumes from the Bristol team to be dealt by us. This is a serious breach of job expectation and I can’t approve your further leave requests until two months.  Failure to meet your duties may result in further corrective action up to and including dismissal.


Richard Wright

Senior Manager

Capital Solutions